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Dee Surfing
Del and Dee Playing Football
Del Playing Soccer
Del Surfing
Dot Kicking Soccor Ball
Yay Football with Dee
Yay Football with Del
Dee swimming with Dolphin
Bicycle Riding with Del
Bicycle Riding with Dot
Day at the pumpkin patch with Dot Del and Dee
Dee and Halloween Bats
Dot Finds a Chick
Del Playing Drums
Del Playing Tuba
Dee and Del at Treehouse with Dog
My Brother Rocks with Dot and Del
My Sister Rocks Dot and Del
My Sister Rocks with Dot and Dee
I Love Ice Cream with Dee
I Love Pizza with Dee
Let's Bake Together- Dot, Del, and Dee
Dinosaur Hide and Seek
Cool Kids Pray