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Del Pushing Dee in Wagon
Dot and her Iguana Aquarium
Dee Rocking out with Electric Guitar
Howdy with Dee
Winter Hike with Dot, Del, and Dee
Dee and Frogs
Dee and Crab Happy Building Sandcastle
Del with Cat Painting on Canvas
Dot and Dee Deep Sea Adventure with Narwhal
Cow Painting
Del and His Band
Dee and Turtle Exploring in Space
Dee Painting a Rainbow in the Sky
Science Time with Dot, Del, and Dee
I Love My Big Sister sign with Dee and Dot
I Love My Big Sister sign with Del and Dot
I Love My Little Brother sign- Dot and Del
I Love My Little Sister sign- Dot and Dee
My Brother and I are Best Friends- Del and Dee
My Sister and I are Best Friends- Del and Dee
My Sister Rocks!- Dee and Del high five
Penguins and Igloo
Dot and Dee in Outer Space
Dot, Dee, and Del Camping
Dot, Del, and Dee Hiking in the Mountains
Del with Fish Finding Treasure
Dot and Monkeys in the Jungle
Beach Ball Fun with Dot, Seal, and Crab
Space Squirrel on a Yellow Space Ship
Space Squirrel on a White Space Ship
Bee Balloon
Dinosaur Ride
Flower Garden
Giraffe Snack
I Love Sports
I Love Sports
Mouse House
Fish Light
Turtle Ride
Snake Charming
Dot Singing and Dancing
Eight Years Old- Eighth Birthday with Frogs
Five Years Old- Fifth Birthday with Frogs
Four Years Old- Fourth Birthday with Frogs
Nine Years Old- Ninth Birthday with Frogs
One Year Old- First Birthday with Frogs
Seven Years Old- Seventh Birthday with Frogs
Six Years Old- Sixth Birthday with Frogs