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Catching Snowflakes and Making New Friends
Fun with Snowflakes
Fun with Snowflakes
Let's make a snowman
Winter Hike with Dot, Del, and Dee
Dee and Crab Happy Building Sandcastle
Del with Cat Painting on Canvas
Dee and Turtle Exploring in Space
Dee Painting a Rainbow in the Sky
Science Time with Dot, Del, and Dee
My Big Sister Rocks- Dee and Dot high five
My Big Sister Rocks- Dot and Del high five
My Brother Rocks!- Dee and Del high five
My Little Brother Rocks- Dot and Del high five
My Little Sister Rocks- Dee and Dot high five
Dot and Dee Deep Sea Adventure with Narwhal
Dot, Del, and Dee Hiking in the Mountains
Dee and Del at The Beach
Relaxing on The Beach
Dot and Dee in Outer Space
Dot, Dee, and Del Camping
Dot and Monkeys in the Jungle
Beach Ball Fun with Dot, Seal, and Crab
Eight Years Old- Eighth Birthday with Frogs
Five Years Old- Fifth Birthday with Frogs
Four Years Old- Fourth Birthday with Frogs
Nine Years Old- Ninth Birthday with Frogs
One Year Old- First Birthday with Frogs
Seven Years Old- Seventh Birthday with Frogs
Six Years Old- Sixth Birthday with Frogs
Ten Years Old- Tenth Birthday with Frogs
Three Years Old- Third Birthday with Frogs
Dot Del and Dee around Campfire
Dot Del and Dee Ice Skating
Blue Whale Leaping
Del and Dee in The Fall with Tree and Pumpkin
Dot and Dee Raking Leaves
Pumpkin Pie with Dot and Dee
Squirrels Hunting for Acorns
Winter Cat Rescue with Dot, Del, and Dee
Del and Dee Pick the Perfect Pumpkin
Flamingos and Palm Tree
Del Shares his Carrots
Del with Horse
Dee Rocking out with Electric Guitar
Dot Playing Clarinet
Dee Dancing in The Rain
Deer Bunny and Fox in Forest